december is nearly behind me....

this has been a tough month for working out
the weather
the holidays
the weather
the holidays
of course end of cycling season burn out
(which happened sooner for some than for others)

it is tough to stay motivated without any real goals in front of me
most of the time I have one or two cycling related goals immediately infront of me
usually I have the 24 Hours of Snowshoe in the early summer, the Shenandoah Mountain 100 in the early fall, and a variety of stuff that becomes short term goals in between (ie. The 12 Hours of Lodi Farms, The Panarama Paranormal, and a slew of other races that get me out there and get me pumped...Wednesdays at Wakefield.... the various Hills.... Fairhill.... Ironhill.... Granoguehill...the Greenbriar stuff ROCKS and what else)

somehow I managed to miss Cyclocross season all together
never bothered to swap out those new Salsa handlebars or fresh new handlebar tape
never bothered to put my cross cleats on my SIDI shoes
never bothered to fix that spoke on the rear wheel
never bothered to suit up and race that dam cross bike

seems that the season closed up around the Panarama Paranormal.... and honestly..... things really did get anti-climatic after the Shenandoah Mountain 100
it is tough to stay motivated
as I am lazy by nature
the couch is comfortable
food is good
hard for me to justify freezing my balls off on the bike without any real goal in mind
sure I would like to be more thin (thin at all for that matter...I have not been thin for years!)
and of course
who would not want to be faster
somehow I think all that stuff can wait until the Spring
of course it can not.... I must fight the urge to hibernate and kick that malaise in the ass and try to maintain
my goal is to never train too hard
actually to never train at all
my goal is to maintain
to keep a strong baseline
let a little faster pace and a few races pull me back into "race shape"
my own personal race shape.....
I am not shooting for the tour
there are my own personal goals
my own personal bench marks
sure i want to have a successful season
I can only do so much
after all I am "big like monster!"

even Yoga has slipped out of my recent schedule
need to bring it all back

sure time off the bike has its value
I can only convince myself of that statement so many times

with that said....what are my plans
last night I had the best intentions to go for an evening ride...
but once out the door and on the bike I started down M Street towards Georgetown and then made an immediate right up the wrong way on a one way street as it was the most direct route to my home
I did not pass GO...I did not collect 100 Dollars!
I went straight home and go out of that icy cold bike gear as fast as I could did not help that the cycling gear tends to get wet from the morning ride
and well
does not always dry for the afternoon ride
so it is rather awkward to step out into the bitter cold in an already chilly suit!

enough ranting
enough babbling
it is finally time to go home
tomorrow I will have to do some work
in all honesty
work would be more fun that the BLOGGING MADDNESS that has POSSESSED me all day today
my compulsive blogging needs to be managed

if I could only do something postitive with my compulsive nature