Emotions in a Bottle

Just wonder if we could capture emotions in a bottle to be stored and opened at a later time. Not just anyone's emotions, but our own emotions. Sure there would have to be a generic brand to fill the void, but nothing is stronger than our own emotions. As we all tend to be selfish beasts and put out needs, wants, and experiences higher than all of those around us. This Emotion in a Bottle would not be something to be taken lightly, but rather an "In Case of Emergency" type of scenario. Just imagine a couple having a fight could break open a bottle of "love for their partner*" and recapture the reason why they are together; they could get past the arguement and get their relationship back on track.

Just as we have spice racks and medicine cabinets people would have a place in their house to store their emotions in a bottle. And just like medicine and spices everyone would keep and use a differnent variety of emotions depending upon their unique needs and wants.

Guilt and Remorse would be a great little package that we could all use. With a little taste of Guilt and Remorse each time we consider doing something that we know is wrong may keep us in check. Just imagine a husband with a wandering eye....when he starts to contemplate an extramarital affair he could break open a bottle of Guilt and Remorse. His stomach would sink, he would stop in his tracks, and contemplate the affair no longer. That great hollow feeling would overwelm him and he would realize that infidelity has an impact far too great that it is not worth venturing. This same would go for simple petty crimes. Of course there are those who are moraly bancrupt, perhaps we could loan them a bottle or two of each emotion and direct them when they should sample each one.

The list goes on and the potential is never ending. We could experience a full range of emotions without having to go through the experience. Ephoria? Sure we got it, but please limit your dosage as it can become addictive as well as it may dullen your senses over time. Too much of any thing, even a good thing, will have the potential for a negative backlash.

One of the most special emotions in a bottle that I would want to capture would be "The Emotion of the Moment." You could capure various types of joy or pain....
a child's early Christmas
a person's first crush
young love or first sexual experience, sure everyone would like to feel that tingle again
a father's pride when his son rides his bike without training wheels
the sensation of seeing a child succeed above the rest
a mother watching their daughter get married
yes, the possibilities are endless; certainly your mind has created a short list of your own

We could change our own personal futures as well as the future of the world.

Just imagine if everyone who voted for John Kerry could capture their emotions from the day after this year's recent election. Hold onto that bottle, tuck it aside, and break it out in three and a half years. Crack it open and share it. That sickening ill feeling that encompased a wide range of emotions with a random mix of depression, anger, and disgust would be quite powerful. I know if I were to break out such a bottle I would end up doing more than just going out to vote. I would try to get others to vote, I would volunteer my time where I thought I could help. I would do something.....anything....in an effort to prevent the risk of feeling that emotion again.

I guess in some ways it is better that we do not have such an ability as to capture an emotion in a bottle as some emotions are a tad too painful. Who wants to relive the pain of experiencing the death of a close friend or an intimate family member. And that guilty feeling of remorse.....it is so strong that it could be torture to feel it without having done something to deserve it. So maybe it would make a little more sense to do more than make a mental note, but perhaps we could all write a note to ourselves and stick it on the fridge, make the outside of the note read; NOT TO BE OPENED UNTIL MONTHS PRIOR TO PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2008.

Just a thought
Just another rant

*some of these bottles would need to contain warning labels or survival kits paired with them
maybe this bottle would need to come with a few condoms while another bottle such as "Bottle of Hate" would have to come with a list of instructions on how to deal with such a powerful emotion such as tuck all guns and weapons away.