Funny Story
or at least I think if funny
could be a location joke

a long long time ago....
so long ago I still had hair, lacked a gut, could not grow a beard if I tried, and had yet fathered children....
I started working as a messenger for Apple Courier
I was 18 years old and was just looking for a summer job between semesters in college
rode my Mongoose ATB downtown with my old friend Lawrence helped me get a job
did not know where anything was or what I was doing
knew how to ride a bike and that was about it
I showed up early and the dispatcher thought I was cute so they hired me

not long into my day I met one of the "top dogs;" Tim Whistler aka PUKER

Puker came up and took a look at my chrome plated frame glistening in the sun and noticed all the POWELL PERALTA stickers decorating the frame
he asked if the bike was made by Powell
I said no and told him that I just took all of the Mongoose stickers on and put Powell Stickers on in the same style to customize it
Puker like this and said, "cool."
then asked if I skated
I said, "no, just pose as a skater to get the ladies" then rolled away ending our conversation abruptly
it was a strange first encounter
he was being cool
and I was being a tad dry or maybe obscure
he thought I was an asshole
he may have been right

the initial encounter did not hurt the chance of us becoming friends (or at least socially friendly)
we worked together on and off for years
at one point he was even my dispatcher

he was one wild dude
hope he is well
it has been years since I have seen or heard of him

although I did see former Apple Courier Billy Smith in that Gator Documentary
the only odd thing about him being in this documentary is that he was a classically funny guy
way funny whether it be telling anecdotes, telling jokes, or busting your balls
there were times when people thought that he should be doing Standup Comedy
he was that funny!
in the documentary THE RISE AND FALL OF GATOR he played it straight

in 1981 Puker was on the cover of THRASHER MAGAZINE
where is he now?

where is the story you ask?
I got lost along the way and forgot my point
guess I just wanted to type the word PUKER