Funny Stuff....

On Christmas Eve a postman showed up at the door, not our usual postman, not even our replacement postalperson who has been taking Harold Johnson's place while Harold recovered from foot surgery...but a completely unfamiliar face. Roscoe and Brutus barked at him like he was the regular postman just the same. As I squeezed by the blood hungry fangs of powder puffs roscoe and brutus lisa chimmed in from the background....
"oh your shoes are here!.....excellent....I did not think you would get them in time for Christmas!"

to this I was a tad confused

from what Lisa was saying
from the tone of her voice
it seemed as if she had been expecting these shoes
that maybe she had purchased me some shoes for Christmas
as I walked in I glanced at the name on the package and the sender's name and address in the upper left hand corner
lisa smiled and stuck to her story
it was all very weird

sure enough my LAKE winter shoes had arrived
lisa had heard through the BLOG grapevine that I had ordered these shoes
so she was playing up like she had ordered them for me, even though we had agreed not to give each other gifts (an agreement that I did not it is never clear what a women is saying no matter what words leave their just to be safe I did the smart

sure enough
the shoes were just what I wanted
my size no less
how did she know!???!?

just what I wanted!
so expensive too!

now all I need is another pair of TIME PEDALS
so that I can retire my fleet of Shimano SPDs with various cleats and various pedal models
some with one working side....others with two working sides
some that are Welgo or Ritchie that let me clip in but never let me clip out!

sure could have used those shoes this morning
my balls are still a little chilly

forgot to mention
so I am out on a quick prework spin....just a rapid 35 minutes before work
just two city blocks from the house and I am running my third stop light and getting some speed I feel the morning chill
man! it is chilly
I think to myself
then I glance down and I am one layer shy of my intended cold weather gear
sure I have wind tights over my knickers.....but where are my MEC Gortex pants?