HOT TIP for DC Locals who are either out all night or up real early!

They are imploding the old DC convention center on Saturday morning
12/18 at 7:30 AM. It sounds like a fun time for those of you with kids
and/or high speed photography gear. The best vantage point is supposed
to be from the north side (facing south) at 10th and 11th streets NW.
More info here:

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

got this via City Bikes Team Member.....Joe Foley

this seems like one of those many DC activities that I wish I were there with an 8mm camera in hand
another DC Classic that I always look forward to and always miss is the non-parade parade of the Circus as all the clowns and animals stretch their legs as they walk from their train at Union Station to the Armory at RFK

other things that I talk about and never do/did

photo essays where I take my sons all over town so that they can pose at various scultures about town like the Democrate and Republican PARTY ANIMALS or the more recent PANDAMANIA

I admit
in my life there is often a whole lot of talk and quite a lot less action
guess I am too busy blogging