kindered spirit
this afternoon before grabbing Dean from school lisa, grant, and I went to Mazza Galeria/Friendship Heights to do some christmas purchases
while snailing along in the slow moving bumper to bumper rush hour traffic we watched as a very odd looking older woman strutted down the sidewalk with her skinny legs naked from her hiking shorts to her wool socks poking out of here well worn trekking boots. Our car stopped dead in traffic at the same time she stopped to chat up two flat foots....our traffic moved forward....then she passed us on the sidewalk then as she crossed the street in the crosswalk she made a kicking motion towards a car that failed to yeild her the right of way. It was a comical gestue over mimed by a woman dressed in apparrel like some german mountain climber in the 1930s.

Traffic stopped again....Grant had fallen asleep in the back.....I proposed that I walk the final block and head into the border's book store while she went and parked allowing Grant to sleep a little longer. Before lisa could pass me in the snailing traffic I was already face to face/toe to toe with an interesting older lady.

I started in by telling her that she should not go around kicking cars....and I know from experience......lessons learned.....the hard way. She tried convincing me that she was just gesturing....I joked on that she did come a little close and that she could get in touble. Then it all became more an almost unrelated way she told me that she was a cyclist

then it became more fun

we started in on exchanges about bicycles...the variety of cyclist.....the wrongness of letting one cyclist represent all cyclist is as foolish as on car driver representing all car drivers
we talked about people and polution and how each and everyone of us could just do a little more when i said that for some people it would be enough if they did not intentionally throw trash on the ground...
I laughed and told her that I blogged about these same ideas everyday
then I realized that pther people see me as I see her
as some sort of kook

and you know what
they are right
she and are are a bunch of kooks