Let me draw some attention to some of my Friend's Links...

Tim Faia: husband, father, fast cyclist who blogs about water, coffee, food, and snow

Mr. Funk who blogs about his Courier Company and has a second blog that is getting primary attention on MUSIC

Soooz and her Dreams

BK aka Kemler and his Postcards from Mexico (he has transplanted himself to Mexico City)

Rocco and his new MESSAGE BOARD (well, his blog that links to his message board)

Timmy P, fellow Karate Monkey Lover and Blog-meister Extrodinaire with his Photo of the Day!

one of my many E-quantances PUNK ASS BITCH

and of course

Joe Foley a man of a few words

that should be enough for now
in the comments section leave links
to those who felt left out...send your links to me
I will post them
I will try to get proactive on cleaning up my templates
as well as trying to figure out a way to truncate my entries
only to be expanded by those who wish to read further

why not.....DT one of the Cult of the Single Speed