(not a gimick....the real deal)
((and no...they did not just cut up a tube from a 29 incher and etch in the lettering))

and so people don't think I am the GRINCH
here is a beautiful Nike/Lance ad*
it is artful
it is cute
it is even touching
I laughed
I cried
I have replayed it twice

*ad shown courtesy of Chris Redlack

I think the root of the LIVEWRONG bracelet is THE DRUNK CYCLIST
careful what you click on when visiting his links
his site links to all sorts of questionable stuff
attractive photos
but not the type of stuff that you want to view with the boss (or wife or child) walking up behind you

I just emailed some folks at 60 Minutes that I know and then the Web Contact address for Andy Rooney to plant the seed for this story on all these different colored bracelets
I can see him trying to replace his vaccuum cleaner bands with oneof these
GREEN (I know it is out there, but I did not find it)
and yes; YELLOW
oh and BLACK

and THESE GUYS make them in case you have the next idea to try and catch this wave that has almost crashed

I emailed Andy Rooney...no response back....maybe he will be ranting about these wrist bands one Sunday night in the future

there is a story that the YELLOW BAND on the wrist in the hospital is a note to the hospital staff; "Do not resuscitate!"

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