Monday Routines....
In the last many weeks I have been able to formulate a moderately healthy Monday morning pre-work routine. This routine tends to contain some basic objectives each and every week, although there can be some deviation from the set plan. Each Monday I wake to be greeted by my wife lisa making a rapid exit out the front door with a kiss blown to the wind she rushes off with the exclamation...."gotta go....already late!" Then I try to entertain Grant and Dean until Grant's nanny/babysiter arrives. Soledad is never late, tends to be more early than late. She usually arrives and wisks Grant out of my hands and starts his day. At which point I can devote all my energy in getting Dean to finish getting ready to leave the house for school. It tends to be the same affair most everyday....he does not want to go....I have to convince him he wants to go....we look for his backpack....we put some toys in the backpack....and we head out into traffic to cross town for early morning drop off.

All this with sips of coffee between each breath.

After dropping Dean off at school I arrive to two very excited dogs; each with a bladder just screaming to get out into the woods. Not sure if they know that it is Monday, but sometimes it seems like they can tell that they are going to get more than 10 minutes in the woods. With gloves, coffee, leashes, and dogs I cross over Park Road into the woods. The dogs are unleashed as they each run to see what there is to see....then stopping abruptly to pee on a favorite tree. Roscoe has his spot and Brutus has his, the same goes for when they dump. Just a hundred yards into the woods and we are out of the woods and ready to cross another street where we hit a more dense patch of Rock Creek. The ground is hard and crunch, the wind is sharp and cold, the water is moving slowly with a fim of ice on the surface....Roscoe and Brutus are pumped. They love the variety of the seasons. They have turned up the volume. Call of the Wild has begun. Without hesitation they are in the water. Ice forms on thier fur before they can shake themselves dry.

had not seen the time
I would rather be at home with the family
then at work BLOGGING
gotta get into that gear
GUNDOG99 was amused by it before....I live it again....10 minutes to dress up in the gear to make a 20 minute ride
would make the ride longer
but have to balance the scales
sick vs. a few miles on the bike
need to start in on a winter routine
which is not going to start today