morning coffee...
let me finish my morning coffee and let my feet warm up after a quick hike with the dogs before I put on my commuter gear to take that miniture ride into work
it is funny... I had BLOGGED that I spent 10 minutes to get dressed for a 20 minute ride
well.... I timed it... it takes me 5 minutes of efficient superhero in the phone booth style dressing to get suited up
then there is the other end where I have to peel off the suit... so 10 minutes cumulative

just got in from a hike across the street
it should not depress me
but it does
the National Park Service sent Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber in to do some trail work
for some reason they felt it neccessary to cut down a fallen tree that bridged over the trail
it was ascetically pleasing
as well as entertaining for children and dogs to climb on
sure taller folks like myself had to duck when going under it
this is hiking in the woods
going under, stepping over, managing off camber footing, and other such things are par for the course
let the mindless walks be on the urban sidewalks not the urban wooded trails

looks like time for another call, another message, another set of emails
all to be sent but never responded to

so frustrating

who is running the show over there?

I think they are out of touch with the trails and the trail users

time to chug the coffee and go to work
more once at work
as it is moderately quite... well.... aside from the long "things to do list" I can see in my INBOX
better busy than slow
hate it when it is slow
less efficient when there is little to do