it is funny to have the news (?) playing on the TV at my desk
seems almost silly to hear this handsome talking head without a hair out of place talking about LUDACHRIS and DIMEBAG as if these are their real names and as if these are real news stories

now....the God Father of Soul having cancer....that is news
hope the doctors caught it early
JB is too BAD too die this young

Lindsey Lohan states that her breasts are real!

These little stories should be the garnish on the side of the plate, NOT THE MAIN COURSE. The Scott Peterson trial is like a watching a basketball game on TV. A Total Waste of Time! There is no reason to tune until the final minutes, all the stuff leading up to the final minutes is fluff. Plus you can catch HIGHLIGHTS and REVIEW after the final minutes come to a close. I did not watch a second of the OJ Trial nor did I care to watch a minute of the Scott Peterson trial, sure I caught tid-bits on the news or in the paper, but I most certainly did not concern myself with the whole circus side show. I did develop an opinion on each case, but it was more on feeling than facts.

As far as sports on TV go....

It is all entertainment.
It is not there for you to watch the game.
THE GAME is there to get you in front of the tv so that you will see advertisements so that you will buy product. It has nothing to do with sports, has a little to do with entertainment, it has entirely to do with MARKETING. It amazes me that these ads get people to buy product. Guess it lets us know it is out there. McDonald's commercials let me know that I am hungy, or more likely, that I would like to eat, but they do not send me to McDonalds. Various car commericals may grab my attention, but it makes me crave the golden grassy hills of Northern California or the Mesas of Moab, but my opinion/attraction to various cars has very little to whether Lance Armstrong or Wilt Chamberlin are plugging them.

Sports at the water cooler....spare me!
I will spare you on long winded tales from the trail. That is why I created my BLOG. So that I would not corner some disinterested person at a party and wax on poetically about miles and miles of singletrack.

that's enough now
I need coffee and a real topic to BLOG ABOUT