There is something about the sports of skateboarding and surfing that just lure people. There is more to them than just the sport, but a lifestyle and an attitude as well. Every couple of years I go through this idea that I am going to go out and buy a skateboard and start skating again. I even slow down as I pass the skate park off Rhode Island Avenue and daydream about all the fun I could have slamming on the masonite.
In the not so distant future I will have to buy Dean and Grant Skateboards. Every kid wants a skateboard. It is part of growing up. And as an "alterna-dad" I will more than likely want to try and pretend to be hip and ride a skateboard with my sons (most certainly my wife and I will be getting his and hers casts on our arms after breaking our wrists doing something that we either shouldn't or can't)

With that notion in mind I must bring up that skateboards quite similar to bikes are not toys. It is unfair to think that a person can buy a skateboard at a department store. Foolish to think that the department store can sell a complete skateboard with helmet for roughly what it would cost for a set of bearings. The same goes for a complete full suspension bike costing less than my rear wheel....go figure!

with that said

for the kids there is TERMITE SKATES
my office connection is refusing connection so try this for Termite Skates
some moderately priced boards from EVIL SKATES
(link courtesy of GUNDOG99)
and of course I already have a long board that I have been meaning to swap the trucks on
as well as the bushings

my skateboard in the corner is like my guitar hanging on the wall
they are there for the taking
so I have no excuses
I can play guitar or go skateboarding any time I wish
only I don't
but at least I don't make any excuses
or have anyone to blame by myself