TECH TIP: Hand Grip Replacement

I dragged on endlessly about air in the tires and a clean well lubed chain
these things are simple yet vital

here is a sweet little TECH TIP for those who are looking to replace their old or worn hand grips on their mountainbike....

I like to keep a bottle of hair spray in my shop area for just such an occasion!
Rather than scrapping up your handlebar or ripping your grips I recommend using a small spray of aerosol hair spray (aqua net...white rain...whatever is on sale at the local drug store) between the grip and the handlebar. It may be vital for you to wedge something between the grip and the bar length wise, preferably something made of plastic that will not damage the handlebar surface.

With the hair spray between the bar and the grip move that same plastic wedge from side to side and then try to make a full loop around bar. Now try to spin/rotate the grip while you work the grip off the end of the bar.

The hair spray works as a lube for removal of the old grip and for mounting the new grip, then acts like a glue when it dries.

*warning: use the hair spray sparingly as you do not want so much moisture in there that it never evaporates and never has that wonderful glue-like effect