That Dam Deck Project!

anyone who read my BLOG through the summer and early fall knows that I had a bit of a battle getting a PERMIT for building a deck in my back yard

Scroll down to the middle of this BLOG ARCHIVE and you can see some rants on my BLOG and the Permit Process. The weeks prior or the weeks after may be more significant or interesting....but that page had copies of my plans

here are a few more recent photos
have not downloaded the images of the lights yet
but these will have to do for now

an overhead view of our wooden backyard from the back deck outside our top floor

the crown jewel of the deck project; the clubhouse

and my dad with the reason why he built this deck...Dean and Grant

well, actually my dad and I built this deck together
well, my dad did conquer the lion's share
but we have to remember the grunts (me) and their mindless efforts

some times I feel like this....only a tad less INCREDIBLE
it may be time to grab the kids and see that one in the theater again

this chic is a PSYCHO
but if she wants...I already have her goldfish and turtle ready for pickup
just send the cash