Traditions: Starting our own HOLIDAY TRADITIONS

This weekend Lisa and I had a little Holiday Adventure with Dean and Grant.
This Saturday past we loaded up the Honda Element with both boys and a holiday plan....everything went perfectly other than the weather and Grant sleeping through our first photo op.

Our objectives were to take some photos of the family for a Holiday/Christmas Card, to purchase a tree, and decorate a house. Unlike George Bush, I can actually say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED without my nose growing. We manage to make a loop down to The Mall to go to both the National Christmas Tree on the Capitol grounds and the White House Christmas Tree on the elipse before finally winding up at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad where we purchased a beautiful tree and several wreaths.

The highlight of the B-CC Rescue Squad tree purchase is not the beautiful tree purchased at a reasonable price where the money goes to a good cause, but rather the opportunity for Dean (and Grant who is too young to appreciate) to tour the garage with all of the Emergency Vehicles. We arrived at the Rescue Squad and managed to time things perfectly.....Dean and I both had to go to the bathroom...once inside the Rescue Squad we wandered around and looked to see if a friend of mine who is high in the chain of command was on site. Fellow B-Cc high school graduate and fellow news business employee Peter M. was not on site. But, once his name was dropped and we were a tad more familiar with one of the passing rescue squad volunteers I awkwardly asked if my son could get a tour. To our pleasure this retired diplomat with 8 years of volunteer on the force was more than excited to give Dean (and lisa, grant, and myself) a very intense introduction to all types of truck inside and out; all the way down to the JAWS OF LIFE!
It was great!


Dean was a little spooked as there was an accident just miles away which causes a little chaos.
Automatic garage doors raised, lights flashed, loud noises over the intercom, men rushing about grabbing jackets, boots, and gear. We had to rush out of one of the emergency vehicles before the rescue volunteers jumped in and pulled out of the garage. Lights, Sound, ACTION! It was all very exciting.

We thanked our gracious guide.
Went back to the parking lot out back purchased a tree, two wreaths, and all the trimmings lisa could fit into the back of the Element....scored two plastic rescue squad hats for the boys. Took a few shots of the kids with the trees. And went home to DECK THE HALLS!

This was year two of tree purchasing with a tour at the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad...

I am not sure if we will score the tour each year, but no harm in asking.
But I am positive that this very well could be our Holiday Tradition for years to come.

pictures to follow

when the call came in and we stood beside the departing emergency vehicle
dean clutched my leg
and I spoke with our volunteer guide
I knew the intersection where the accident took place
two very fast roads
felt it could be a serious accident
on our way home we saw the car
a little honda civic
it looked like it had been chewed up and spit out by some ungodly beast
people need to chill
we have got to slow down

when I was growing up
this would have been an everyday scene
except the car was moving
seat belts?
car seats?
air bags?