Tsunami and the News

the photographs in the newspapers are over the top
perhaps a tad gratuitous
yes, it is vital for us to put the human emotion onto the numbers
but do we need to see it on the cover page of every newspaper?
could the story be told with the emotion on a grieving person's face?

gotta sell papers?


this is a disaster beyond comparision
just as the earthquake sent waves of water that have altered the sea, the land, and the human lives
the deaths and the disappearance of young and old will sent waves of change in the lives of future generations to come
the numbers of orphaned children is phenomenal
parents are lost at sea
the mother and fathers that fed these children that earned the living so that they could feed these children are gone
the houses that so many families lived in are gone
lives are changed
business, possessions, goods, and people's livelihood
not just today... not just tomorrow.... but forever
the direction of so many lives has just been altered
not just for those that died, but also for those that survived
those that survived with injury and those that survived the loss of family

this is important

we need to be informed

what about the imagry
yes I want it to be strong enough to move me emotionally
but if these bodies, these lines of bodies were being photographed
would the faced of these dead children, dead babies, dead adult women and dead men be spread all over the color images of the daily press?
I think not
we need to respect the dead and the families of the dead the same way we would want our dead to be respected
shit.....BUSH wouldn't let us see caskets.... oh, that was for a different reason
okay, take the photos and release the photos, but let the reader dig past the surface that we can see it by our one choice
not so our young and our impressionable have to see it on the front stoop as they are taken off to the park, daycare, or school
even National Geographic comes in a brown wrapper

then some of the stories that are told
or the priorities of the stories
yes it is an interesting story, but it is any more news worthy because this person was maybe famous, maybe rich, and maybe attractive? the victoria secret model's story is a tragedy, but hopefully it does not take priority of the story of a mother who lost her children, or the children that lost their parents...he lost is grand.... as well are her injuries..... but no more vital just because she is hot.

even the numbers are oddly stressed
the number of Americans is hardly even a measurable percentage, but it seems to be a stressed part of the story
villages lives have been altered
not just a family
but villages

yes, we want each person who is lost to be found
superstious or what ever
people want to say goodbye
they want to touch the body
they want to bury them at home
american or native to any of the countries that lies victim

to have to try and find and identify a loved one seems like it would be such a painful journey
not knowing
foolishly hopeing

it is human nature
we are all a tad egocentric
me first
then my family
then my extended family
this makes us a tad ethnocentric
just as our families are most important.... so our our neighbor... our surrounding counties
onto our states and the whole country