Update to: Tech Tip: Handgrip replacement

GUNDOG99 seemed to have a good modification to the previously posted Handgrip Tip where he recomended the use of isopropyl alchohol over aerosol hair spray
makes sense all the way down to the thought that an aresol with more alcohol would evaporate more rapidly
not to mention a none aresol spray product is more enviromentally friendly
also we get to recycle another empty spray bottle
tonight I snagged an empty Spray and Wash squirt bottle for the purpose of the isopropel alcohol for the grips, this bottle is equipt with an ON/OFF nozzle

and yes I too have experienced the dreaded spinning anti-grips

gundog99-thanks for sharing

appreciate it

this is the type of stuff that gundog99 and gwadzilla could be covering on their transcontinental radio show....BIKE TALK

we could have guests and interviews

to give you an idea of the type of questions I would like to ask in an interview scenario I reference the Awards Banquet for the Classic Series presented by TREK....at this banquet Trek Pro/Local Mountainbike Great Jerimiah Bishop did a little Q&A

this is cut and pasted directly from their web review-

Joel Gwadz, winner of the Andrew Mein Memorial Sportsmanship Award asked, "What's your resting heart rate, what's your heart rate at peak performance and what's your heart rate right now? Jeremiah responded, "Well, my heart rate right now is probably as close to peak training as ever " with laughs from the crowd. He mentioned that his maximum heart rate is in the mid to upper 190s, and his resting heart rate was currently at 43 to 44 beats per minute.

the other day as I hiked the dogs in the woods I daydreamed about making a short documentary on the creation of a one time radio show called BIKE TALK

in this day dream we used a local pirate radio show and had a few separate locations with gatherings of different people with different bike interests who were tunned in and who were there with a willingness to participate by calling in with questions or anecdotes

people called with questions about some sounds that their cranks were making
others called about winter gear (gloves and shoes)
there were some anecdotes as well