Where is the best place to make a donation to the victims of the Tsunami?

yahoo article on donations
how to help....also on yahoo

here is something for DOCTOR'S WITHOUT BORDERS
it is odd that the site is not updated with any mention of the Tsunami victims
my wife lisa thought that it would be a good place for us to send our money

donations through American Red Cross

and as recommended by Chris Redlack....USAID Donations

even AMAZON.com is doing more than lending a hand in collection (I think their money is directed to The Red Cross)

please let me know of any other good places to make donations and I iwll try to update my list
and of course
there are donations that are more direct to each individual country

people need to send or offer cash
clothing and food cost as much to ship as the items would cost overseas.... if not more
no sense in carting bottle water over there

I think that the food and clothing donated should be sold so that there could be more cash to help the causes

here is a WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE that has a list of recommended donation site/locations

and GOOGLE has a good link to information on the same topic
I have now given the same information to you in 17 different ways
choose a way
go that way
I am sure that any contributions to any of these many orgainzations would be appreciated an helpful

I personally am cautious on who the money is given to as I fear that people there are "kleptocrats" out there in different governments