Window into my World

Last night an old friend from High School and oddly enough from College as well came by to say hello as he is in town from Vegas to visit his parents. His name is Shannon, not unlike that Johnny Cash song about a boy named Sue that was originally a poem by Shel Silverstein it is an unusual name for a dynamic and unusual person. The visit was a simple gathering, nothing altered... nothing changed in preparation for Shannon's arrival, well, other than me not having the option to do a lengthy post work ride. (which would not have been an option as my NightRider headlamp got wacky on me.)

Shannon's arrival to our Mount Pleasant home was a few minutes after my post work ride where I was able to strip out of my cycling gear into some frumpy around the house gear. While still puttsing around the basement I heard the bark greeting from the dogs, the scampering across the hard wood floors, and then the vocal exchange between adults, children, and other adults. I moved to the upstairs to greet an old friend that I don't see frequently enough. Shannon looks good. Healthy and strong. Always with a positive outlook that is preceded by a strong smile and strong eye contact. We exchanged hellos, then hugs, then I had him take off his shoes then gave him a tour of our 100 year old house that he had yet to see on previous return visits to Washington DC. It is a splendid house and he was in awe as anyone would be. The back deck being the icing on that already oh so tastee cake.

Once the tour was done Shannon had made fast friends with Dean and Grant, got reacquainted with Roscoe, Brutus, and Lisa we then got mobile on dinner plans. Lisa called ahead to our local favorite pick up only Italian Pizza joint, Vace. Lisa would go with Dean to get the pizza while I would dress Grant up and put him in the backpack for a march through the woods in Rock Creek Park across the street from our urban row house. With less than necessary flashlights in hand Shannon and I did the loop across the street twice, while Grant stretched back to watch the moon between the tall trees and Roscoe and Brutus ran about playing their Call of the Wild game.

We returned minutes before Lisa and Dean with just enough time to pull off our moderately muddy shoes and gather on the rug by the Christmas tree with the dogs. We then moved to the custom made dinner table from an old Western Maryland Barn (which stands tall fitting me and pretty much no one else, Lisa normally sits on a pillow if she wants to keep her chin about the table top) where we ate pizza and talked about various things, never breaking away too far from our standard routine. After dinner Shannon got to play with some blocks, then I pulled out the guitar. Grant may have enjoyed the guitar playing more than Dean, until Dean got to strum while Shannon fingered the cords to create a very basic rock style tune. Then upstairs for a bath, then a few books were read before we left the children to their business and bedtime. Routine is so vital in a child's life.....although Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are sure to be late night need to start the disruption too soon.

The whole affair was nothing shy of standard. But, it is my life. If you want to see me on a weekday this very well be what you get if you come to my house. So if children scare you or if you have no desire to hear me read a few children's books then perhaps this is not the adventure for you. But if you are an old friend who wants to catch up....then this type of visit may be perfect for creating a window into my world.