Blogging and the Risks of Blogging....

there are certain risks that we take when we blog
the topics and opinions we share
as well as the stories that we may tell
I have made a beyond concious level to not BLOG about work...
but what about BLOGGING about friends and neighbors?
I guess if you say something favorable.... they will be thankful.... but what about the other stuff?
what are the risks?

we know the risks.... the risks are high....
as a rule... nothing should be said in a BLOG that you would not be willing to say to their face
my previous two posts are both a tad questionable
as a matter of fact.... many of my posts are a tad questionable
guess I am willing to take these risks

not ready to risk my job
not ready to risk my marriage
but... as far as pissing off a friend... if they are my friend they know me well enough to know what to expect from me
they have all been pissed off at me before and will be pissed off at me again

just as long as I keep everything else together I am cool....
well, not cool.... I am alright.

for me....
the topics of what I BLOG about are not as questionable as the time I spend BLOGGING
I think I have started to keep things in perspective... but I must control the BLOGGING BEAST that is part of me

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