I have yet to do COUNTERS
I have yet to get all involved in TRACK BACK
I have yet to get involved in BLOG ROLLING or BLOG EXPLOSION
I have found great pleasure in doing an IMAGES GOOGLE for GWADZILLA
after doing my own
I have done a few of my favorite BLOGS
would be a great way to see thumbnails of your favorite Photo Blog, or an ex-girlfriend, or who ever you are stalking this week

and for no reason at all BARBITCHES
if you are single.... you need to go there
if you enjoy bar life.... you need to go there
if you want to reflect on what you did wrong trying to pick up woman for the last many years.... you.... you get the picture

and completely unrelated again... got this link off FAT GUY CYCLING
need to get back to this COMIC later... so I will bookmark it with my BLOG
maybe I should draw comics rather than BLOG?
leaving me wanting more.....