is it disney or is it just the smile of the modern day

let me jump right into this one
just bought the Incredibles
they got my money in the movie theater and they got my money here with the DVD

not sure which to approach first... the advertising or the full screen/wide screen thing
easy enough
first I will ask this question...
Did the Incredibles come out on FULLSCREEN and WIDESCREEN
and would I have been more happy with the WIDESCREEN version
how do they expect me to be that concerned with which screen version is on the DVD I grab while I race through Target in a made dash before bedtime
details are usually important to me... how long have I been ignorant to the two package options.. Full or Wide screen?

now the bigger issue....
what is up with Disney and marketing?
is it really all about money?
their product has gone down hill and they have gotten more involved in marketing
across the board I am against previews at movies.... or more precisely.... at children's movies
heck.... I love previews... trailers at the Apple site are one of my favorite things to do
sure.... if the commercial is entertaining in a movie style and can only be seen in the movie.. believe it or not I can accept that was once one of my most favorite sites... till it became a pay site
but lay off the children
give the children some space
take their money
heck... sell them your toys
but please... please..... please.... keep your images off the sugar cereal, don't make fruit flavored figurines made of sugar and who knows what.... the toys at McDonalds fall into the same category of zoos and the circus... so good... so fun... yet so questionable
and lastly... when I buy your DVD even when I get FULLSCREEN when I may have wanted WIDESCREEN please... please... please keep your little advertising packets and coupons away
this little packet that may be a little book
and I know Dean is not the only kid that is opening the DVD package to pull out the little book!
this little book is not a book
this little book is not even a book of coupons
this little book-like package is a a collection of ads....
disney is selling our kids Pringles, Frigo Cheese snacks, several kids yogurt products, and some detergent.... with a few images of the Incredibles tossed in the corner of each page
talk about sell outs.....
they are selling their souls
they are selling our children into a world of product

yes... this does sound a little like a chapter from SUPERSIZE ME
there is some genius there
just saw the McDonald's commercial for the INCREDIBLE'S HAPPY MEAL
looks like a good toy
too bad I don't eat at McDonalds... like it too much.... still eat crap... just not their crap

again I ask.....
obesity is an epidemic?