Kevin Costner the best worst actor of all time!

check out his filmography!
he was involved in some great work from roughly '85 to '89
not that he is such a great actor
he was just really well cast for each roll
this filmography is incomplete... they failed to mention that he played the dead guy in The Big Chill
I can not verify this.... but this is a BLOG.... who cares!

for those who have never seen Fandango..... check it out! NETFLIXS IT! What have you got to lose?

want more material for your NETFLIXS list?

Norman Jewison

Fiddler on the Roof was on tonight… I own it on DVD I own a thirty four inch wide screen TV
yet... I still could not stop myself from sitting back and watching
even though I was sitting in the kitchen at my inlaws' place watching a 15 inch screen box that is only slightly larger than a GAMEOY

if I were ever to make a film….

I would do my best to rip off the cool of The Thomas Crown Affair (the original… the remake was good…. but the original was smooth)

Norman Jewison also directed another favorite of mine… Jesus Christ Superstar