listen to your body.....

we all need to listen to our bodies
we all need to listen closely

there are times to ride and times to take off the bike
there are times to sleep late
there are times to go to bed early
there are times to take it slow
there are times to get off your ass and get to work

just listen
listen closely
don't fall for alibies and complaints
really listen... ignore the alibies and complaints
just listen to your body

when deciding whether or not to ride
ignore the weather...
it is always too cold... too hot.. too humid... too nice... tooooo something
listen to your body... your body knows if it can survive in that weather
but remember... don't listen to the alibies and complaints
ignore everything other than the worst case scenario
don't fear... respect...
if it is "maybe" it should be "yes"

when riding hard.... listen to your body... your body may complain
keep trying
keep listening
keep pushing
don't listen to your ego
ignore your ego
listen to your body
factor the issues of gain versus loss
tell the ego to shut up
the ego is "now" and may cause injury
listen to the body.... the body is thinking long term

there is a time not to listen to your body

when you are drinking may be one of those times
this is a complex time to try and listen
your body may lie to you
your body may give you mixed signals
what sounds like your body may be the alcohol talking

the alcohol will claim to be your body telling you what you need
the alcohol will tell you that you need another drink
the alcohol will tell you that you need a steak and cheese
the alcohol does not know you are on a diet
the alcohol is not on at diet and the alcohol wants to eat
the alcohol may tell you it wants to.....
the alcohol does not know you are married
the alcohol is not married and the alcohol wants to ....
best just get that steak and cheese
ignore the alcohol and its desire for hot tubs, strip poker, and coming in for a drink

the alcohol often says... "do this now.... deal with that later"
be careful when listening to the alcohol
the alcohol mixes the lies with the truth
the alcohol talks with a forked tongue
the alcohol is more limited in "the now" than the ego
the alcohol and the ego fuel off each other aiding to have part become the whole

perhaps it is best not drink
your body only tells you "No More" after it is TOO LATE!
but more rationally... those of us who drink are going to drink
best not to drink too much
best to avoid getting too drunk
best not to try and walk that line...

I will just have another steak and cheese
then hopefully I will hear my body
my body all bound and tied with a gag in its mouth
the body's muffled voice knows it has lost the fight of "the now" but is still looking for tomorrow.... listen and you will hear.... the body is telling you to take an aspirin and drink some water

have I ever blogged about the theory that I am going to base my PhD off of after I win the lottery..... "Man, Alcohol,and the Fight or Fuck Response *"
alcohol can fool it user
what appears to be a truth syrum is actually lies
what appears to be strength and bravado is actually stupidity
just as vision is blurred so is judgement
for the most part.... the ability to listen to the body is lost
(*with the Steak and Cheese side clause)

please excuse the cussing
that is not me
that is the alcohol talking
I am trying to ignore the alcohol... it is saying I need a slice of pizza
while my body is saying I need to go to bed
the alcohol is working some weird vantrilaquist game claiming to be my body
time to listen to my body...

the alcohol won
the pizza was tastee
I stayed up way too late
better drink some water, take some asprin, and go to bed
well.... at least drink some water and go to bed
two glasses of wine is not really enough for the part to become the whole