on vacation down in florida

this vacation is pretty much bike free
actually this vacation is entirely bike free
there have been been a few opportunities to blog about bikes....
yet I refrain
as I said... I am on vacation here

that is not to say that I am entirely on vacation
been doing some running and walking on the beach
but... if I were to do the math... the duration of my hikes/runs are less than my daily walks with my dogs

running in florida

ran again today
this time I scheduled my run later in the day; less sun…. less heat
this time I left the kids and the double stroller behind
this time I took off a little slower out of the gate
my results were not too different

there were a variety of factors that kept my run down to a 25 minute run and a 30 minute walk

this time I went the opposite direction down the beach… it took 25 minutes to head to the end of the beach and back
once back the iPod was till pumping but I was not feeling inspired
not to sound like a simple minded male pig
running just is not that fun for me
I can deal with the sun
I can not deal with running on the beach without the eye candy
without the sun to brown the skin of the kiddies on spring break things were pretty vacant
it is the babes on the beach that keep me going
I run from the vision of each beach towel to each beach towel
waiting, hoping, expecting, wanting these girls to be hot
they are usually less than hot
but it keeps me going
the hard stares from the ladies' men keep my pace going as well

this method got me through a marathon a few years ago
although this was chasing skimpy pair of running shorts to skimpy pair of running shorts


any guy that thinks I am any more of a pig than they are for saying this… they are just not being honest