People Need To Take Credit and Blame for Their Own Actions two basic issues that are at the failure of our modern culture

this idea of The Obesity Epidemic
the notion that we are having a Fuel Crisis

I already wrote a long winded diatribe about these two ideas
before I could finish
I decided to just go ahead and let those absurd concepts speak for themselves.....

a few ideas to ponder
How can a Lincoln Navigator that seats 7 comfortably qualify as an HIGH OCCUPANCY VEHICLE when it travels with two people?
Why does every asshole whole smokes Marlboro and drinks Bubweiser feel that they need a full size pick up truck?
How can people call Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11 a "cheap shot" when they have not seen it?
(okay.... that has nothing to do with either of these issues, but it had to come out... it all has to come out... that is why I am BLOGGING as I watch The Truman Show on TBS)
Why do car drivers feel that bicycles have less right to be on the road and why bicyclists have less right to life?
How can a society have a fitness obsession and an Obesity Epidemic at the same time?
How can a government whose history was based on "separation of Church and State" have a president who makes his decisions based off a Faith Based Initiative? (I can accept In God We Trust on our currency... but to have major decisions of a country of so many beliefs to be decided by a religious fundamentalist seems a little screwed up!
Oh.... and if we are going to follow the Ten Commandments? why are we only paying attention to 9 of them? What happened to Thou Shall Not Kill? Lets get some consistency here? If there is a time for war.... then there is a time for
how can there be a controversy as transparent as the STEROID CONTROVERSY in baseball?
(baseball players on steroids is as obvious as rock stars on drugs)
if we can put enviromental controls on emissions... why can't we put enviromental controls on cars and their fuel efficiency limitations?
(am I talking about Freedom? I guess an asshole should be free to buy a pick up that will never haul anything... but maybe we need ot help this person make an educated decision.... we are telling them to wear a seat belt.... to put on a motor cycle helmet.... why can't we tell them what truck they can or can not buy? okay... I am torn on that one)
if I would like to lose 10 pounds? why am I about to make a sandwich after I just had ice cream and half a bottle of wine?