caught ROBOTS last night with Dean
it is no Incredibles…. and I say that on the day that Incredibles is released on DVD

Robots is good… but it is for the kids
Robots does not try for the adult audience like the PIXAR films do
Robots goes for the kids laughter in the same low brow way that Shrek does
and well
many people love Shrek... I enjoyed Shrek... own it.... watch it.... but do not love it

Shrek seemed like a series of fart jokes

if farting was really that funny…. then my family would be laughing hysterically from the moment I wake till the moment I go to sleep

ROBOTS was amazing from a graphic creation point of view... so much going on so fast... maybe too fast
I will most certainly be buying this film.... maybe after the second... third... or fourth viewing I will have a greater appreciation for it
but... it you ask the kids what he best part was.... they will tell you it was the "Whoops I did it again!" moment
which is another indicator that this film was not directed to my demographic...