screaming man
here it is 11:07 in the evening
rapidly approaching midnight
screaming man has just passsed by my car parked across the street from my house
where is he coming from?
what is in that bag of his?
why does he walk with a limp?

more importantly.....
who is screaming man?
where did this screaming man come from?
what incidents in life brougth him to what appears to be a mentally troubled state?
was it a sequence of bad choices?
was it mental illness that sent him to living on the streets or was it living on the streets that lead to mental illness?
why is it that a homeless man can live in the woods, but when I get caught camping out of season I get a ticket? (then sent on my way)

oh.... you don't know what I am talking about? have you ever seen this man who walks up and down the heavily trafficked road outside my house?
he lives is a ricketty little poor excuse for a shelter just a block down the street, no more than 20 yards off the main road.... a few yards closer to Jay Rockefeller's house than to mine

here I am living in Northwest Washington DC less than two miles from the White House on a block where houses are being sold for numbers I will not bother to share with anyone who does not live in NY, SF, Seattle, or Washington, DC.... as only these people would be able to understand the ever inflating real estate bubble that we exist in.....

so... riddle me this....
how is it that with property values so high and property taxes equally obnoxiously high... how is it that there are people living in the woods within ear shot of my house?
how is it that when I call the police they interrogate me like I am a criminal?
how is it that there ae still "halfway houses" scattered throught the neighborhood?
how is it that as our older son approaches school age we are forced to contemplate private schools?

and lastly.....

why am I still on this computer when I should be in bed asleep?

good night

scroll down to the images with the snow......
you will see where I live
and if you look at the curve going down the hill
if you look closely into the woods.... you may see our own little urban sasquach..... SCREAMING MAN!~