Torn on this issue....
okay, not torn.... as I know how I feel

alternative transportation
don't take the subway
don't take the bus
actually I hate buses almost as much as I hate the cabs
but.... in theory I like the alternative transportation concept

motorized scooter, motorized skateboards, and motorized bicycles are all great ideas
as they are each potentially forms of alternative transportation
yet.... they all bother me

there are times when I am on the bike path or the C&O canal I either pass or am passed by some motorized vehicle that has no right to be on a non-motorized vehicle path
now it

dr. dale.... my man with a tandem sent me this link about motorized bicycles
the bicycle paths are already like the streets of Bangkok
add a few motorized idiots approaching variable faster than they can think and faster than the machine is created to respond

more in a bit
got to put Dean to bed