two things....

1. Normally when I take this test.... I am SOA... today I am Minor Threat... does that mean I am EVOLVING?

You are MINOR THREAT! You are intelligent,
energetic and DIY embodied. You don't take any
crap from anybody, but are willing to accept
anyone in the underground. You love to exchange
new ideas and are well respected in the scene.
People like you because you started it all, you
are passionate and you are great at what you

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2. Last Night I got a Drink with two friends from high school, this is the year of our 20th high school reunion... no I am not old... I am Doggie Howser!
during this get together at Columbia Heights still sort of new, sorta new, and sort of cool dive, The Wonderland Ballroom... we did a little catching up... Bill and Steve are into music... Steve credits the path of his passion for music to one tape.... a mix tape that I made for him of DC Hardcore 7 Inches
it is pretty cool to hear that I was able to have such a positive effect on someone... just by sharing something with him that I thought was worth sharing

my head hurts
did not get my beauty sleep.... again!