what is happening here?

I was trying to figure out my mountainbike race plans
starting to look forward to racing in two weeks
starting to think I better take a look at my bicycle
realizing that racing is training
realizing that other people are in a similar lack of condition this time of year

was really looking forward to racing in the newly established Clydesdale Class for this event/series

well..... not sure if the Clydesdale Class is going to happen


emailed the promoter..... wondering if there is an error in the race information or if there was a change in plans

sort of a bummer as I thought we had worked this all out a few months prior

some one riddle me this...
why is the SINGLE SPEED a more legit class than a Clydesdale Class?
seems to me a person can decide to ride with or without gears
while I can not decide to race at a weight of 160lbs.... I have to race at 235lbs
sure I could drop a few pounds.... but I would still be over 200 pounds no matter what I do

this is a NORBA event....
(National Off-Road Bicycle Association)
NORBA has yet to recognize the Clydesdale Class....
I have had some brief email communication with the folks at NORBA
there were several replies back... both positive.... both from the only names I knew/recognized on the NORBA board
there were no further responses

we will see.....

the removal of the Clydesdale Class will effect my desire to race
I still want to race... but it takes it from a definitely to a strong maybe
if the weather seems wrong... if my car pool falls through... or if there is a rumor of a wet muddy course
then my "definitely" switches to a strong maybe and "a strong maybe" is closer to "no" than "definitely"
mountain bike race info for April 3rd in PA
notice... no mention of a Clydesdale Class

such is life being stuck between being a Moderately Fast Sport Racer and a Moderately Slow Expert Racer.....
the easy answer....