always a spend thrift always a healthy consumer
always ready for an impulse purchase

not sure if my inspiration came from my son's want of a skateboard

maybe my inspiration came from meeting up with some of the folks who are building a new public skatepark in NE DC

either way
I bought myself... I mean... I bought Dean an INDO BOARD
not sure if I have a corner in the basement or room in the garage as....

my XC Skies and Snowboards are collecting dust in one corner
my guitars that I do not know how to play are stacked up in another corner

my father has asked me to pick up my white water kayak that I never really learned to use

then of course I have my old skateboards, my records, my electric trains, my slot cars and someone please say eBAY!

when I do finally give into Dean and buy him a skateboard... I am going to get him a real skateboard....
there is a company that is well recommended for kids skateboards, Termite Skates
just like bicycles... there are bikes and their are things that look like bikes
at Walmart you may see a 20 dollar thing that looks like a skateboard... somehow I am not sure if that will do the job
call me a gear snob... cause that is what I am!