another weekend has passed

another weekend came and went
if only the weekdays could pass as fast

as anticipated I was unable to attend the mountainbike race that was held on Sunday
with no regrets... the excuses and alibies were not unfounded
Sunday was not a sun day.... it was a rain day and the race had no rain date
I had no choice... work demanded my attendance

the weekend had its moments just the same....
there was yoga for lisa
there was yoga for me
while lisa did yoga.... I did dad things
there were trips to Target and lunch at the IHOP
serious bonding with Grant
serious bonding with Dean
there were multiple hikes with the dogs

at Target I was able to exhibit some self control
dog food, toilet paper, and one toy/game
once home Lisa and I introduced Dean to Chutes and Ladders
we all had fun playing
Dean sort of got it... but really just wanted to move his character around
then got great joy in finishing ahead of me

the rain stalled long enough for us to leash up the dogs and head into Rock Creek
it was a long healthy hike for all....

Dean was hesitant about a journey into the woods
there was no rational there was no reason
Dean just did not want to go
there are times when a child is not permitted to have an opionion
once again... "father knows best"

it was a good weekend
even with having to work
it is always best to have to work on a rainy day and save the days off for the sun

after the afternoon of work on Sunday I contemplated riding my bike late to a children's birthday party in Silver Spring
but instead I ended up riding the single speed.... spinning for roughly an hour 45
ran into a few people on the way home... made small talk not feeling rushed
only to get out with the dogs at sunset for one last hike
no photos to tell the tale
just my memory

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