another weekend past
it was a good weekend
a healthy and wholesome weekend which included two different trips to two different toddler parks, a number of walks with the dogs in the woods, a beautiful wedding of two very good friends, many sessions on the back deck in the fort in our backyard with various neighbors and various neighbor's children, also some grilling with friends, and even a quick little road spin on the Jamis Nova on Beach Drive
of those highlights there were some great moments

while at the toddler park in Adams Morgan... Grant played self sufficiently... doing lap after lap up the ladder then down the slide... laughing and grinning all the way only to be repeated over and over

my friends shared a set of well thought out wedding vows as the evening sun blessed them with a gentle rose colored glow as they stood in front of a glorious historic building in a deeply wooded section of Bel Air, Maryland

and on that little road spin I had the pleasure of various riders endulging me in a little cat and mouse... well... most were dropped without me having to alter my pace... except one... there was this older gentleman who similar to the other riders did not care much for being passed
so he passed me back
unlike the other riders...
when I returned the favor... he gave it right back
and again
and again
we chatted for a bit as we spun on the flats
then we picked up the pace for the last stretch of Beach Drive
only for him to kick it in on the last 100 yards
whether or not I could have dropped him is not the issue
the question is... whether or not I will still be riding at 64
in the last yards I rolled past this gray haired cyclist I thanked him for his inspiration

the walks with the dogs were less than eventful
but at times it is good enough to have a stroll through the woods that is "incident" free