at work today I sent out an email to try and answer a few basic questions
so my throat does not grow hoarse from retelling my tale of woe

here is how it read...

On Sunday, this weekend past, I crashed my bicycle in a mountain bike race just outside of Gettysburg, PA (Michaux State Forrest)
It was a less than dynamic crash.... just went over the handlebars.
All 235 pounds of me trying to land and balance on my index finger was more than any finger was built to take. I saw the finger double back on itself and knew immediately it was broken. I tried to pull it straight, not sure if that helped.
The injury occurred within the first 10 minutes if the race. Rather than mope my way back to the parking lot I continued forward. Held first in my class until the final miles where I got a front flat. Changing the tire with one and a half hands was more difficult than typing with one hand. As I repaired the flat I watched a cast of racers roll past. Finally with the flat repaired and the wheel back on the bike I was back on course.
It was a tad sketchy at times. But I managed to start to reel in some of the racers who had just passed me. Eventually regaining second place in my class just before the finish. I was glad to have finished strong; broken... but strong. Paramedics on site confirmed the break. Then drove back to DC for X-Rays at the ER.
Next step.... a hand specialist
need more details? email me back
I am working on a race report for my mountain bike team
thanks for listening
I also attached the X-ray image

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