I have been bad... very very bad
it is not that I have been so bad just another case of my never ending hypocrisy
yesterday there were all sorts of plans
double booked myself
had to weigh my priorities

there was a meeting with the Reunion Committee; my high school 20th reunion

there was my wife's desire to attend yoga....

no brainier.... wife gets to go to yoga!
there have been too many time in the last month where she has had to handle both the kids as I have had to work (and a few cases where I went out for a ride on my bike)
what is good for the wife... is good for the family
the positive effects of my wife getting a good workout radiate throughout the whole family

as my day grew closer to a close to quitting time I got a call

lisa had attended a field trip with Dean and his class to Wheaton Regional Park

at this pre-k field trip there was a little mishap... little freddy threw a rock that hit lisa's ankle

she was not going to yoga

there was some reconsideration of the reunion meeting

but the tone of her voice said... "I need help!"

so I opted to head home, not straight home, but home and not to the meeting

the Jamis Nova cross bike was the vehicle of choice on this day

the rear end had some parts replacement and was begging to be pushed

had swapped out the old tired Tiagra rear wheel for a 105 wheel that I had reserved for cross races

not many cross races right now

seems foolish to ride a wobbly old wheel while good wheels sit in the shed
removed the TUFO tubular clincher and put on an old Ritchey Speedmax 30mm tire
thinner than my fat ass desires... but it better condition that the Specialized Cross tires I had been riding

the wider diameter cross tire I had been riding was worn and had already allowed two flats

two flats being two too many

most definitely want to save the TUFO tires for racing...
not to mention the fear of flatting away from home on that tire would not allow for an "on the spot" repair
without much time

I was able to sneak out of work 15 minutes early

an efficient clothing change and quick evacuation

on the road and rolling with nothing but a rolling goodbye to all my friendly co-workers

knowing that lisa is at home after a full day with the boys
knowing that lisa works three days
knowing lisa handles the lion's share of parenting and house keeping

(and it is the female lion that does the hunting as the male sleeps in the shade)

knowing I best get home ASAP I hit the Capital Crescent Trail with no deliberation

arrived to the trail a few minutes earlier than the commuter clog on the Capital Crescent Trail

so I pick up the pace and spin the cranks

in the smaller of the two front rings
but in a smaller cog in the back

going pretty hard

going pretty fast

the path is not entirely user free

there are joggers, walkers, babies in strollers, and other bikers

not congested
but the path is occupied
perhaps I am going faster than I should on a multi-user trail

perhaps I am being a hypocrite

had I seen another cyclist going as fast and as aggressive as I was traveling I would most certainly make a face...
I may even say, "joker" as they pass
I was riding like a joker!

it felt good to make the legs burn raced up to Bethesda Avenue
then instead of taking the path straight through the tunnel under the Air Rights building onto Rock Creek Parkway
I turned it around to take the steady grade downhill
which was just the steady grade uphill for the last 25 minutes
wanted to try and get home by 6PM

more concerned with getting home than the duration of my ride

aware that I had gone a little too fast on the way up
I try to hold the throttle on the way down
it is tough as it is such a nice subtle grade downhill
things are getting to be more congested
the spring weather is bringing the hermits out of their caves

all the people I passed coming up are now oncoming traffic

all the people that were oncoming traffic on the way up are now being passed
everyone gets eye contact everyone who gets passed gets an audible, "on your left"
efforts are made for a safe pass each and every time
these multiuse trails are potentially dangerous it is vital for me to be alert at all times
as I approach any obstacle I anticipate any and all moves
always expecting the worst
slowing for children on their small bikes
always anticipating that they may do the unthinkable....
a buttonhook into my path
creating a very dangerous point of intersection

children and dogs usually get special attention
not only do I slow for them
but I get the fingers on the brake levers and I keep my focus on their next move
often talking to them to let them know I am approaching and I am in control

I watch runners and roller bladers knowing that they are often the most dangerous buttonhookers out there


when will they learn? will it take a trip to the ER for this lesson to be taught?


and if they could think about it buttonhook to the outside!
not the inside

traffic will be moving along passing right into your buttonhook

if these people were more alert
if these people were not wearing headphones
if these people took responsibility for their own actions

if these people anticipated the actions of others
then the multiuse trails would be more safe
but that is not the case

people are stupid

people are selfish
people are either idiots or assholes....
some are both!

to protect myself I have to think for them and for me
that goes for car drives as well as most anyone else

so I rode my bike fast and hard
never leaving the smaller ring in the front
even for the potentially fast sprint from Bethesda to Georgetown
it felt good to get home
I was greeted by my family with open arms and kisses
like a soldier coming home from war

lisa's ankle was sore, but did not look too bruised
Grant was in a bit of a mood
and Dean.... well... Dean was being Dean
we all hung out and played
I took the dogs for a loop in the woods across the street
had to leash the dogs for a good portion of the hike as the hiker population has grown from me and several others to what appears to be the whole neighborhood

got back
we fed the kids
I took a shower
the boys took a bath
lisa dressed Grant
I checked emails while issuing orders for Dean to get dressed if he wanted me to read him a story
read Dean SHREK
then told him a few random stories....
some made up stories about a future that may or may never be
something simple about the family hiking or the family going skateboarding...
something to fill his little head

Dean made one effort to escape.. but after a little reprimand he stayed in for the night
it had been a long active day for him
normally he will make three or four escape efforts... all with a very cute face and some very amusing warm fuzzy manipulation tactics

it was almost 9PM
I went downstairs... fired up the grill.... tossed a few burgers on the grill and made some dinner

just spoke with a coworker who I passed both ways on the Crescent Trail yesterday
he said I was not going "too fast"
that statement is bitter sweet!
I thought I was going FAST!
I want to be seen as courteous and responsible... and I also want to be seen as FAST!

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