Each year Lisa and I take a quick little winter migration trip to Florida

it is awesome

each and every year we miss a little bit of winter
while getting a little sample of summer
did I say... it is awesome!

it is nothing short of awesome.

our annual migration has been going on long since before we got married...
long before we had children

now that we are within the "cult of parents" our trips are that much valuable
after a long cold wet winter of putting on gloves and mittens it is great to go to the beach
nothing more than a suit and some sunscreen!


over the last many years our migration from DC has overlapped with the migration of a family from Canada

the interaction with this Canadian family is something that we have grown to look forward to each year

upon arrival to the inlaw's condo we said our hellos to Pa and Miga and refamiliarized ourselves with the surroundings
as we got acclimated to the settings Dean and I went to the porch to see whose voices we could hear by the pool! sure enough it was our friends the Canadians!

although they are much older than Dean... there is still a great opportunity for interaction
in the above picture you can see a section of the sea serpant that we constructed together
int the family pictures below you can see the brim of the older Canadian girl's hat as she took the pictures with our camera
fun shots just the same! these are just a few images... the rest of the time we were having too much fun to take pictures!