Frank Hart
I do not know who reads this BLOG
it is not clear if this is an appropriate way to present this information...
but I figure I should just put it out there just the same
if an old friend of mine had passed away... I would want to know about it

so here it is...
Frank Hart is dead....

Frank was a good friend of a good friend which made us.... good friends.
during our misspent youth we had countless missadventures together
there were countless nights at various punk shows and various clubs
I can not tell you how many thursday nights we spent at Tracks, mondays at Poseurs, and any night at 9:30, the old 9:30 Club
and of course... we crashed parties... we raged and we raged hard

Frank had a big heart
Frank always greeted his friends with a big hug... a big very sincere hug
when he shook hands he made eye contact and connected
the loss of Frank saddens me as I think of all the friends and family that will have to exist without him for the rest of their lives

here is something that I wrote to my friend Jason after he emailed me this grave news...

the death of Frank is now just starting to sink in

it has been so long that I have seen him

it is hard to appreciate that I will never see him again

death is abstract
that is one of the merits of a funeral
it makes at least part of the process tangible
it makes things a little more real and a little more final
it aids in preventing people from expecting that person to come
walking around the corner

for Frank there are no more moments
no more perfect moments
no more painful moments
just no more
all of his moments are now just memories

Frank and I shared many wonderful and exciting moments
Frank was part of the misadventures of my misspent youth

perhaps the passing of Frank will aid us in appreciate our moments
our moments with friends and our moments with family
this can help us to endure those painful moments knowing that we will
later experience perfect moments or at least near perfect moments

I have been blessed
sure there have been broken bones and payment plans with the IRS

but look at the big picture....
my life is charmed
I live in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife, two beautiful
children, and two dogs that sometimes obey me
I have a job that does not pay as well as some other jobs
but that job does not have me working as hard

my life is nothing shy of charmed

so this week when the car passes me too fast and too close while I am
on my bicycle I am going to think of Frank, life, and the big picture
when my children are crying and my head is aching I will seek

patience as I think of Frank, life, and the big picture
when some mother fucker pisses me off for whatever reason, I will think of Frank, life, and the big picture
life is far too short to sweat the little stuff

as the master of my own destiny I will do what I can to avoid broken bones and payment plans with the IRS
but by all means..... I will not stop living... I will not stop having moments

let the world bless Frank and his passing
my thoughts go out to Frank, Frank's family, and any and all people who were ever close to Frank

I do not know how or why Frank died
but I do know that Frank will not be walking around that corner
there may be a moment where I think I see him...
but it can not be
Frank is gone
now I am sad

right now I would love to proof read this message
but Dean has his PJs on and it is time for me to read him a story
I am about to experience one of those moments, this much like every evening is one of those near perfect moments
I am truly blessed

I ended up rereading this and making a few alterations... I think I made it worse

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Anonymous said...

I came across this sad news on your site after waking up today and thinking, I wonder whatever happened to that guy Frank Hart?

I'm sorry to hear about his untimely passing. I didn't know him well- I barely knew him at all, actually- but we had some mutual friends in and around the DC scene, back in the early 80s, and I'd hang with him now and again when I'd run into him at Wilson Center shows, or the 9:30 Club, or Poseurs.

Thanks for your heartfelt words and your sentiment- he was a really sweet, goodhearted soul, and I'm sure he's missed by many...