frozen in time... BREAD AND PUPPET
(official bread and puppet)

bread and puppet... it was a time warp when it happened
as the world changed... bread and puppet changed
change is not always for the better
the changes of the world along with the aggression of the world ended it all in the late 90's
the whole event was a spectacle
it was a volcano waiting to errupt
organized chaos can only stay organized for so long
the death of one is a tradgedy... good thing it was only the death of one
with the direction of the energy of this event things could have been worse

in this era of Girls Gone Wild and the never ending international frat party it would be lame anyway
the spirit of the event was soon to be lost with people crashing a party that they were invited to
the modern age with all of it reality tv has killed so much of what was cool

they tried to do Woodstock again...
the modern age showed that such a time had passed

this post was about people... not hippies
I grew up listening to the punk side of things
those events were about people
hard to explain
very complex set of events
guess you had to be there
bread and puppet... not woodstock... I went to neither woodstock
but went to a several bread and puppet festivals

those were great pre-dog/pre-child/pre-marriage trips
lisa and I brought our bicycles and our tents
rode and camped at various places along the way
then settled in at the B&P Festival for a few days
it was time well spent
glad that we caught it when we did

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