I am not very religious....
but I do worship Madonna!

okay... I do not worship Madonna...
but I do think that she is COOL AS SH-T!

the last two albums by Madonna have been her best two albums
let me rephrase that one
the last two albums by Madonna were completely different from each other...
each completely awesome in their own way!

on top of that...
last night when I wanted to get Dean off to bed I lured him upstairs with the promise of reading him a few books..
I let Dean select one... while I selected another
Dean selected Blueberry's for Sal,
while I selected one of the books authored by Madonna, Mr. Peabody's Apples
(she has another book that I have not read yet; The English Roses)

I must say.... Mr. Peabody's Apples is a fun little story
it is a little heavy handed with the message
it is a nice little book with beautiful images and a nice little story

oh..... after Dean was born... Lisa wanted to go out... she felt she deserved a little "treat"
we bought tickets for the Madonna "show"
I say "show" as it was much more than a "concert"
it was pretty dam spectacular
not sure if the display justified the ticket cost.... but it was quite a show!

we can always bring it back to the BIKE!

and never forget!
Madonna's first child was fathered by a cyclist
he was once a NYC Messenger
so... at least she is giving it up to the boys on the bike
well... she was...

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