it is a dog's world

headed home from work I spotted a phone on the trail
rather than run it over
rather than do a little kick with the rear wheel
rather than leave this phone to get soaked in this evening's rain
rather than leaving this phone on the trail never to be spotted by its owner again
I picked up the phone and left a few messages
even tried to call the owner's home number in character... from the perspective of the phone
apparently I am not a good actor... could not play a cell phone for more than two lines
left a message with my cell number then went about my evening
after a pizza dinner with friends, kids, and friends' kids, after baths and bedtime stories
the found phone ring
oddly lisa finds the ringing phone that would have surely been lost in the children's toy box by tomorrow evening
the owner comes by and grabs the phone
we have a nice conversation
turns out she is a dog trainer
perhaps roscoe and brutus could use a little training
she did make mention of showing her thanks by giving the dogs one free session
maybe we can take her up on that...

what aspects of my lovely little dogs need attention?
the bed hogging?
the sleeping in the bed after swimming in the creek?
their begging is a legit issue that should be approached
their inability to be content outside while we are inside
brutus' nervous behavior?
sounds like they could use more than one session
maybe we will have to arrange something

while on the dog note...

a friend of mine
an old friend of mine has just purchased a Dog Boutique in Baltimore
it is a crazy concept
but sounds like it could be fun
they seem very excited

if I were to live the world of retail... I would open a used bike shop that makes its money off repairs and special orders that doubles as a Coffee House.... movie night... you know... couches... a place to hang... a place for people to meet for pre-and post rides
then on Tuesday nights there would be that yet to be created Public Radio Talk Show Bike Talk (the cyclist version of Car Talk)
but this is not my fantasy
this is Rob and Lori's real life
they are busy baking home made dog buscuits and doggie birthday cakes
it sounds like the start of a Disney movie... did I mention they are getting married this year
oh man....
who writes this stuff?

trying to GOOGLE his Dog Boutique's presence on the web
but... not finding it
seen the site
but can not find it now

got it
well... did not get it through a GOOGLE...
here it is just the same
Lucky Lucy's Canine Cafe

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