so my wife set aside an article from the Wall Street Journal
she is really good at setting aside articles that would interest me
that is just one of the many things I am thankful for
all in all I got a pretty good deal with this marriage thing
sure I have my complaints... but even a millionaire wants more money
okay... back to my point
this article was about young toddler cyclists
the new market
the new breed of children riding younger and sooner

in this article there was mention of this great bike-like device that aided in the young children's learning to ride without ever using training wheels
so I went online to buy this LIKEABIKE machine

it is pure
it is simple
it is beautiful
it is Euro
it is cool

it is $ 279.00

I could buy a bike and remove the cranks for 60 bucks at my local bike shop!

maybe I should do a little PAYPAL thing where friends of GWADZILLA buy my little GWADZUKI a LIKEABIKE!