Mountainbikers and their countless groups and subgroups
broken down more simply in Greek Mythology

there are too many groups
way too many groups
way too many subgroups
not enough solidarity
too much focus on "in groups" and "out groups"
we are all bikers!
can't we all just get along?

there must be a healthy blend of competition and solidarity

with that said... let me break things down to two basic groups of mountianbikers
Centaurs and Minotaurs
Pronunciation: 'sen-"tor
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin Centaurus, from Greek Kentauros
1: any of a race of creatures fabled to be half man and half horse and to live in the mountains of Thessaly
2 : the modern creature is half man and half bicycle often found trying to get out on some singletrack
Pronunciation: 'mi-n&-"tor, 'mI-
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin Minotaurus, from Greek MinOtauros, from MinOs + tauros bull
1 : a monster shaped half like a man and half like a bull, confined in the labyrinth built by Daedalus for Minos , and given a periodic tribute of youths and maidens as food until slain by Theseus
2 : a cyclist too large for the sport and perhaps too large for the world; a beast of a man
okay... sorry
that was the breakdown of the XC (cross country) culture
there is a third group that would be the Freeriders and the Downhillers

Pronunciation: 'trä-gl&-"dIt
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin troglodytae, plural, from Greek trOglodytai, from trOglE hole, cave (akin to Greek trOgein to gnaw, Armenian aracem I lead to pasture, graze) + dyein to enter
1 : a member of a primitive people dwelling in caves
2 : a person resembling a troglodyte (as in reclusive habits or outmoded or reactionary attitudes)
3 : a person who is riding their bike so fast and out of control that they can not stay on the trail; often moving slow on the flat; often wearing full battle armor; always on a bicycle with more travel than most motorcycles and more comfortable than most Lazy Boy chairs
- trog·lo·dyt·ic /"trä-gl&-'di-tik/ adjective

definitions courtesy of
and well... a little addition at the end

and for those that are curious
here is the definition of ROADIE aka GEEK

Pronunciation: 'gEk
Function: noun
Etymology: probably from English dialect geek, geck fool, from Low German geck, from Middle Low German
1 : a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake
2 : a person often of an intellectual bent who is disapproved of
3 : a person who would rather ride their bike on pavement than dirt
- geeky /'gE-kE/ adjective

Pronunciation: 'klIdz-"dAl
Function: noun
1 : a heavy draft horse with feathering on the legs of a breed orig. from Clydesdale, Scotland
2 : a larger athlete, not a beginner, not a fat ass (although they may be), a larger athlete usually carrying more muscle and more mass than the average elite racing weight wennie often taller than 5'11"

Pronunciation: road-ee
Function: noun
Etymology: probably from English dialect road rider, road racer, from the White Colar World roadie, from European descent
1 : a cyclists who fancies themselves as an elite road cyclist
2 : a road cyclist traveling with no gear, no lights, no pump, no patch kit, and no know how to fix things anyway... in case of breakdown calls wife with Volvo and drop bike off at local shop
3 : the roadie does not see the mountainbike as a sport, but as an activity similar to the view of beach volleyball or frisbee
- see also road snob

Pronunciation: fred
Function: noun
Etymology: probably from English dialect fred, fred backpack , from Hanna Barbara fred flintsone, from early animated cartoons
1 : a cyclist with a utilitarian machine usually adorning his or her body with a backpack
2 : a cyclist with backpack, lights, and the proper gear to fix their bike on the roadside when needed
3 : a person often faster than a road cyclist, but without the pretty pedal strokes and the expensive gear
- geeky /'gE-kE/ adjective

this image of a female Centaur may make up for any hurt feelings
oh.... open this page out of view of your wife, kids, and boss
if you think this is offensive... you should see the cartoons I tried to draw!

guess with posts like this I am not going to aid in creating more SOLIDARITY