one week ago....
a week ago at this time I was just back from yoga class
my body felt good and I was feeling a tad bit of acomplishment with my handstands and my class as a whole
my headstands and my handstands are less than perfect
less than satisfactory even... usually needing a spotter or the use of the wall
well... my yoga practice as a whole is less than dynamic
it is more about how it makes me feel than how I look while attempting each move
one a week is not enough for yoga... and it shows

each class is different
some classes leave me invigorate... while other classes are less fantastic
always good, but not always fantastic
last week at this time there was some pleasure in the level of achievement I had attained
last week was nothing fantastic... just development and progression
I was pleased with my progress
sometimes something like a headstand or handstand is more mental than physical
self confidence and self trust
on this day I felt a little more confident and felt a little more trust
yoga class like life is cumulative...

my attention shifted from the yoga class behind me to the race at Michaux ahead of me
while the boys napped I put the Karate Monkey in the repair stand for a final clean up and tune up
with the wheels straight, the gears shifting, and the brakes braking I cleaned and lubed the chain

simple green degreaser... wiped clean and dry

pedros synthetic lube... wiped clean and dry
then coated it all with a white lightning wax lubricant... again wiping things clean and dry

the bike was ready so I packed away some gear

a glance a weather.com had me swap the SIDI shoes for the LAKE MX300s
along with the knickers I packed some tights.... just in case
along with a few jerseys and arm warmers I tucked a light weight Gortex jacket... just in case
with the bicycle ready with my gear packed I then moved to packing food and fuel
water in the hydration pack and a clean water bottle for some GATOR-RAGE; a RED BULL and Gatorade mix that is vital for a turbo boost when my body starts to drag
along with fluids I searched for various GU, Hammer Gel, and Cliff Bar packets
as well as food for the drive up... prerace fueling is always imporant
for this I packed away several pieces of left over pizza, some bottled water, and some aditional Red Bull and gatorade

before I could review my packing I heard the sound of a stirring child, Grant was awake from his nap
my focus shifted from bikes to babies
made a mental note to review my gear after the boys are off to sleep

here it is again Saturday and Grant is again up from his nap
my focus shifts from the computer to my family

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