this broken finger is a pain
sure it is throbbing
sure it is awkward to sleep
sure it makes me shout out explitives if I bang it into something
but that is not the pain that hurts the most

day two off the bike...
I look on yearning to ride a bike...

roadies cruising up and down the hill in front of my house heading into Rock Creek Park
commuters buzzing by me as I walk 40 minutes to work
messengers going the wrong way on one way streets nearly run me down as I head off to lunch
racers make plans for not so distant races

these are the things that cause me pain

sure there are other things
opening my medcation
leashing my dogs
putting a one year old into my car
anything we do takes two hands....
eating a really big sandwich
driving a car
buttoning a shirt

this is the world I currently exist in...
it is temporary
trying to keep perspective

but that void.... life without a bicycle
that is mr greatest source of pain
and this pain has only started to fester

in the scheme of things this is nothing more than a speed bump
things could have been worse
I have been through worse
sadly... there will be worse again

here is a story of a commuter who regained his passion for the bike

hope my time away increases my love for the bike
rather than diminishing it

(sorry... I forget what Cycling Blogger I stole that article link from)