it is vital for me to keep perspective
this injury SUCKS!
in the scheme of things it is nothing more than a speed bump in the road of life...

life comes with a warning...


in the sport of cycling crashes happen
crashing is pa rt of the game
in mountain biking if you are not crashing... you are not testing your limits
usually after a crash there is little more than some scrapes, some bruises, and maybe some damage to the bike
oh... and a story.. there is always a story
then their are times like this where the injury is a tad more serious

in my story I look at the injury...
I broke my finger, not my neck
the finger will heal... i will be back on the bike in no time at all
sure I will lose conditioning
sure I will miss some races
I will certainly race and ride again... more than likely in a few months

then I look at my life
family, house, job....
all those things are still in check
as important as cycling is to me... it is a part of me that falls behind all the others
in some ways it comes before job... but without job there would not be much family or house
and no way to buy bikes, gear, race entry fees, or even fuel for my body or my car

it is my finger....
not my neck
not my knee
it is me.. not my wife.. not one of my sons
it is one finger on my off hand
I will survive

I look around me and without question I know I will rebound from this in no time
others have battled greater obstacles
no need to feel sorry for myself
yet I do feel sorry for myself

more on this in a bit
back to work

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