there are some sentences that should be outlawed
as these statements are nearly impossible to be true

last night after our mountainbike team meeting a few people migrated from coffee house Tryst to Asylum the local biker bar (motorcycles and track bikes)
it was early, so I decided I would go along
when showing my interest in attending I said....
"sure... I will head over for a drink"

sure enough
one drink added up to be two
two added up to be three
and well....
my head hurts too much to continue with the math
but there was most certainly a drink or two after three
whiskey... I love ya.... I hate ya

needless to say....
I woke up in the dog house belching up the flavor of a heavily garliced slice of pie from PIZZA MART
life being me
isn't life grand


maybe this greasy steak and cheese will soak up some of the pain