tired again
I am sure that people have heard the stories of people having bags under the bags under their bags under their eyes
that is where I am at right now
morning coffee is unable to break me from this haze
more sleep is what I need
don't see that happening today or anytime soon
back to the grind
need to knock out some stuff
yesterday was a long day... still have not finished the tasks and projects of yesterday

so much to do
no time to BLOG
mind not working fast enough to create a creative topic anyhow anywho

there is hope that the activities of this weekend will break my older son Dean from his current routine of waking up at 5AM
he wakes up
he makes a fuss as he meanders downstairs
he makes so much noise that he wakes his brother
Grant starts to cry
then we have a bed filled with two dogs sleeping soundly
two kids wide awake
two parents doing their best to fall back asleep

too bad I am too big to comfortably fit in the tub

we script our own misery
we enable bad habits
we foster these undesireable routines