Cars Makes Models Drivers and What I Expect from them...
basically... a "W" sticker on a car or SUV is a hint that this is a machine to watch out for while on the bike
at times I am passed by a Subaru with A Kerry/Edwards sticker too fast and too close
at the pass when I see the sticker pulling away.... I say to myself... you voted for Kerry but you drive like you support Bush
recently there was an incident here in Washington that involved a Think Tank Conservative and a woman on a bicycle
this is a Republican leading a Think Tank....
when approached with contact with a petite woman on a bicycle.... this is what he came up with

there clearly needs to be an education
this whole CASTE system dictated by the car a person drives needs to be put in perspective

in DC I fear the most.... the Republican Soccer Moms in their Ford Explorers rushing off to get their dry cleaning and have their nails done and the Boys in the Hood in their Caprice Classics with Paper Tags headed off to do what jobless 25 year old males do.... they are of the same mind set each scoring low on empathy and understanding