Hounddog: Hounddogblog=HOUNDBLOG
the dog has not gotten the BLOG off the ground as of yet
although when he gets started.... LOOK OUT!
he has recently converted some of his old video footage to digital
here is some stuff from the MEATMEN
from what he is telling me there is some great stuff from their WAR OF THE SUPERBIKES! era

I remember seeing the MEATMEN many times in my misspent youth
as a senior in high school it was a no brainer selecting between the HOMECOMING DANCE and the MEATMEN at the Wilson Center!
the Meatmen blew away the Homecoming Dance
their smoke machine made slowdancing in the mosh pit totally romantic

TESCO VEE and the MEATMEN are a part of PUNK ROCK HISTORY that should not be overlooked!
Tesco always rocked the house
a great mix of Punk and Comedy!

here is another two-fer that comes from that same adolescent era of my life

I need to set up my turn tables and play them old records